Friday, April 13, 2012


Sunday we had a game for the Pernambuco, which is the state, cup. I unfortunately did not make the roster. I was pretty bummed because i thought i for sure would cause i had a great week of training. The girls who were not on the roster were still able to travel with the team since the game was only about an hour and a half away. We ended up winning 24-0. No that is not a typo-o.. We really won by that much. Pretty pathetic and as a fan in the stands... I was bored after twenty minutes of it in being 6-0. Sucks that the state does not have much competition. We do have one of the best teams in brazil and I guess Sau PAulo has some of the best teams in the country. Hopefully the teams will get better as we move down the bracket, but either way we are winning so that's greaaaat right?!?! Woo. After the game we stayed to watch the first half of the other game and then left. We went straight to a pizza/pasta restaurant and all ate there. Monday was nice. Training was at 3, but not at the field. It was at golden goal, which is the gym. The girls who played went into the pool And the girls who didn't originally were suppose to do a workout but they just let everyone go to the pool. Catie and I actually wanted to workout so we went and lifted. I didn't play the day before and practice Saturday was light so I wanted to make sure I did something that day! Unfortunately Monday night when I went to sleep I woke up at about 3am and rushed to the bathroom. I was so sick. One of the girls I live with heard me and came to check on me. She told me one of the other girls was just throwing up too. I barely slept that night but took some tums hoping that would help. When I woke up I was still pretty it feeling that well but I was better. I originally had plans to go to the bank and grocery store with the Iceland girls since. Had no money or food to eat so I had to go. I walked slowly over to their house only to find out 3 of the girls in their house were sick too! They were still throwing up in the morning! Crazyyyy right? I ended up still making it to the bank and store but did not eat anything.. Only had a w sips of water. I was scared to have anything because I didn't want to get sick again. Iccck! So I go back and make a little sandwich and I was fine. I slept from 2-530ish, which was much needed. Didn't get to train but I had no energy to and neither did the other girls that were sick. We think it might have been the water from the other town we were in for the game. Not sure though. This weeks training went well. I felt tired all week. The girls just left an hour ago for the next game, which is tomorrow. This game is for Copa de Brasil. I am not signed up for this tournament yet, which sucks, so I do not get to play in this game either. Ugh! The game is in Napal.. I think.. It's 3-5 hours away and they took the bus. They play tomorrow at 830. My entire house is away a the game so I was kinda freaking out what the hell I am going to do all weekend. There are about 7 or so girls not traveling and some were going home. Then I just talked to the few girls who live next door to me and we are going to go to Recife tonight Nd stay at Gabi's house. We will probably go out tonight and head to the beach tomorrow. This made my excitement level go up... I'm so excited to get out of Vitoria! Plus, catie had just came back from some meetings in Recife so knowing she will be here lifted some weight off my shoulders! English speakers are a plus but the other girls try zoo hard to speak English and explain and. Appreciate it. I try and talk back in Portuguese and some how we communicate! :) I will be sure to update next week on how tomorrow's game went and to let everyone know if I will be n the roster for the next game! Wish me luck and til then.. I'll be sure to keep working hard! Ate logo! Xoxo

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  1. Hey Kelly,
    I can see some Portuguese words coming out and you don't seem to be as shy anymore...that's a great thing. Know that all staff coaches, as well as the whole Crystal Lake FORCE club are supporting you from here. We wish you luck with everything down there, in Brazil. Be strong and live the dream!!