Friday, April 27, 2012

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Well, I wrote an entire post about my adventures to Recife, going to the beach, and the difficulty in transportation that led to some interesting adventures, but I have no idea where it went. So now I will just sum it up! The game i wasn't registered for, copa de brazil, some girls who didn't make the roster and I went to Recife for the night/next day. It was gabi, gabi's sister, Pinda, and myself. A friend drove us to Gabi's house in Recife Friday night and we went to e beach saturday. Catie Was meeting up with us on Saturday at the beach. We had a nice time at the beach, it was packed, but enjoyed the weather and scenery. I think it was about four o'clock when gabi and her sister left because they were driving the five or a hours to watch our team play. so Pinda and I waited at the beach for catie. Finally we met up with her and she said it took her like 3 hours to get to recife due to bus complications. It is only like a thirty minute or forty minute drive. I didn't know how she wasn't pissed a doing insane. Haha so we met her at the bus stop but went back to beach so she can at least put her feet in and we can grab food. After eating, catie had an American friend in Recife she wanted to meet up with so we ask the security guard for directions, but he gave us the wrong directions. Again, short version of story but his wrong directions ended up making us walk ten minutes get on a bus for ten minutes to be in a wrong place. It ended up being that whe we had asked him is where we actually needed to be so we thought we would walk back to save us money. Hour to hour n half later we finally find her friend.. Thank god. Because it was getting later and darker and we shouldn't really be walking out then. Plus I was still hungry and tired from the entire day at the beach I just wanted to go we sit and chat with caties friends for a bit and me and Pinda were so tired we finally told catie we should get going. We grab a snack, then for some odd reason, ask the SAME security guard for directions to the bus to Vitoria. We take a taxi that cost 20 reias for a 5 min drive.. Drops us off.. We ask people where the stop is for Vitoria. They look at us like we're crazy and say there is no bus here for Vitoria. Ughhh! So they tell us to get in another bus that will take us to the metra and that will bring us to the other connecting bus. Umm... It's like 8pm or so and it's not the best for us to be going place to place butit was our only option. So we take the bus to e metrs, metra to the next bus stop.... Only to find out the bus station was closed! Well shoot. What the heck are we going to do now. It's about almost ten at night now. So we call a taxi we knew and he said it would cost a hundred reias... No thanks. Then Pinda calls her friend but he is working so no luck. Then we ask a taxi that was waiting there and he said 120reias.. More then the previous taxi we asked. Ahhh! We were bargaining and the guy finally brought it down to eighty reais but we still didn't want to pay that much Nor do I think we had enough for that. So then they were like we'll we can try and ask the cars how much they cost. The cars are like unnamed taxis and it's illegal but supposedly everyone does it... So that makes it ok right? Ha... So we talk with them that took actually some time and they said fifty reAis so we said ok fine let's check it out. So we go down where this car is that looked sketchy as heck and me and catie were going back and forth with Pinda deciding if we should take this car or not. There were five other people taking this ride and they were going to a nearby city. We made a deal that we had to be dropped off first. We ended up taking it. It was weird. I was sitting next to catie on one Side and a random man on the other with three random people behind us and the driver n passenger. We were crammed. The guy drove extremely fast and at first had to ask catie if these cars are made MPh cause he was going like 120 and even that was fast for here especially with these ridiculously made roads, practically no light, and crazy other drivers. I think I'm a fast driver (well with all my tickets I know I'm fast driver ha) but this guy or ride seemed even faster. Luckily, we made it home by 1130ish. Only for me to come back to a house that had no house water, which meant, no going to the bathroom, no shower, no dishes, no laundry, etc. no shower... I was at the beach all day, walked and been everywhere, all I wanted to do was shower. So as late as it was, we walked to caties showers there and finally came home to sleep. I think I will stay in Vitoria until I depart. To much complication for me especially in a country I don't know or even the language. Ok so now a week has gone by and we had a game last Sunday. I was not on the roster but since it was close inwpstill went. The worst field I have seen. It was practically half dirt and sand and sme grass. The team showed up with eight players. The game started.. Maybe ten minutes in one of the other teams players was injured so now they have 6field players and a goalie. Well it's 4-0 already and eventually ANOTHeR girl is injured. The game ended up cancelling and us taking the win, we play every team twice, one home and one away. So we played this team again on this past Wednesday. I was in the roster.. Woo! We ended up winning I think 12-0. Not sure. I was in for Maybe 30 minutes second half and did well, didn't score, but almost! It was raining to and the other team was getting or playing dirty. At the end of the game even one of the other team members were holding one of their team members jersey as if she was ready to take off and attack like a dog. Lol so funny. We won though. The finals for pernambuco cup is the first and now the 12th. It was originally the first and fifth, but there is a copa de brazil game on the 6th so they changed it. I am leaving the 11th. I was not signed up for copa de brazil cause I would have to stay til the end and my visa is upnjune 7th and finals are the 9th anyways. Plus, I'm kinda ready to come home and I really need to work!! I'm bummed that they changed the date though cause I planned my date so I would be here for the pernambuco championship, which we are most likely to win. But oh well. Everything happens for a reason. I am so excited to come though. I can't wait to see my family and friends. My aunt from Texas will actually be in town two days that I will get in just in time to visit. Plus, my sister meaghan has a competition in Rockford that her and her bps by will be flying in for so I'm looking forward to that. I e talked to meaghan almost everyday in some form of communication since I've been here so I cannot wait to see her! :) Plus I haven't been to her competition since she changed from bodybuilding to figure so it'll be fun to go and see! Hopefully I get rostered for Tuesday's game because I believe it will be the last game I will be in. Other then that, just straining, and catching some rays before I get home! Ha Will probably post at least one maybe two more times before I leave. Gosh it flew by! What a great experience! Xoxo Me

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