Saturday, March 10, 2012

Hey Everyone. So I arrived to Recife safely on Thursday. I was pretty nervous the entire time because i didnt know how to do baggage and do customs. I tried asking someone but they didn´t understand me, but she asked her boyfriend and he helped. I had to speak slow for them to understand but customs was a piece of cake. Once I got my bags there was a lady, Rosie, and her daughter, Juliana, who had a sign and picked me up. Craziest thing I have ever done.. in brazil airport not knowing who is picking me up. They did not know Portuguese so they called a friend who translated on the phone. They got me food, let me shower, nap at their place. They were soooo nice! Then at 9pm we went back to airport to meet manager of team, some players since they were coming back from a game. Then we head to Vitoria. I had and am still having a hard time here. Have been wanting to cry every day. It is sooooooo hard not understanding people and I just feel lost. There are two girls from Iceland who speak English so that helps and a girl named Bruna who I have been with this weeked who knows english fairly well. The american girl is away in Sau Paulo working with fifa and wont be back for a few weeks. The team is away at a game now, and it was to late for me to be signed up to play so I am staying with other players who did not travel. It is hard because during the day we have nothing to do. The tv they do have is in portuguese and no internet at the house except the one im at this weekend but its on her computer so she is kind and letting me use it. Other then that i just sleep. The weather is The food isn´t bad either..just different. Beans and rice always and some kind of meat. We go to this little place for food..breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Ladies make us eggs in the morning with lots of fruit. I have actually tried quite a bit of things.. couldnt tell u the names cause its hard to say/remember. The living and everything is just really different. We walked to the gym and there was domestic pig and cow just walking the streets. The motorists and cars are crazy. You have to pay attention or they will run your ass over not even kidding. Looking far away at other towns it looks pretty cool cause its all on hills and houses and such. The town i live in is uhm very traditional. very very. I wish i could post pictures. It definitely makes me realize how much I have and how much I appreciate everything at home. But minus the difficult times its cool experience to see it all too. I cantwait for the team to get back so i can start playing and to figure out which house im for sure staying at and to get settled in. Maybe ill be more at ease and comfortable. Well wanted to make sure I wrote something since I am not sure how much I will be on. missing everyone more then i can explain! chat with ya soon xo

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