Tuesday, March 27, 2012

About two and a half weeks in...

Hey everyone! Sorry it has taken so long to write. The internet in Town isn't the best and is hard to get on here. Where to begin??. After the first weekend I was here I had my mind set that I was going home. I did not like it one bit. The team got back Sunday morning an I felt lost. I had no idea who anyone was and I was just at a house and had no idea what I was doing, where is was going to be living, etc. one of the girls, who speaks little English, but we used google to chat, asked how my weekend was. I was honest with her and told her everything. Then I started to break down cause I was havi a difficult time. I think the only person who knew I didn't like it was my sister meaghan. I told her not to say anything because I didn't want people to know. I didnt want to let anyone down. So many people helped me get where I'm at and I didn't want them to know. Then on e training started it was better But better wasn't enough. The rewrote called and talked to me. I talked to family and friends. Then I stayed up talking to one of the girls in the house I am staying at. Then that night I just thought about everything and the following day was just agreat day. I was ok. I thence iced that I was going to fight it out. I'm glad I did and am stil here. My flight home is tomorrow but it is can Ellen and I'm staying the three months! These past two weeks I have gotten to know the team and they are amazing. Hilarious, fun, and amazing players and am so happy I have the opportunity to play with them. I still don't. Are for the town, but neither do most of the girls. The girls I live with are from down south, like say Paulo and they said that it is more beautiful there. This town is slumish. People will eat a bag of chips and just throw the trash on the ground. There are rarely any trash cans and people just throw it on the ground. It drives ,e crazy. At times if I need to do it, I place it nicely on the ground as if it is better but it doesn't help. Then there are random pigs, cows, dogs, cats, etc that roam the street randomly and eat the trash. It's definitely something I have not seen before. But I figured if these girls are here even though the town us is then I. An do it to and will have to learn how to adapt. The girls I live with have helped so much. They have been so kindand helpful in so many ways. I am so thankful for them. I am glad I chose to stay at their house be ause it helps with my portuguese. I have learned quite a bit and am impressed with myself. I can understand more then I can speak but I do my best. The Iceland girls have been so kinda too and help translate a lot. Thank god! That is one of the hardest parts is the language barrier. It's tough. Luckily some of the girls took English in school so theydo their best but it's stil difficult ult for them since they don't use it all the time. I had my first game with the team last Wednesday. I made the roster, which I was so surprised. I wasn't expecting to play either and was just excited to be on the bench sine only 18 are one roster and we have about 30 girls on the team. The four national players were in the USA playing so I think that helped me get on the roster but I didn't care either way I was happy! We ended up winning 11-0. I got to play about ten minutes at the end and I even scored! I was excited. All the girls were really happy for me and asked why I didn't do a celebration dance haha. It's a big thing here to celebrate and I just put my arms up and that was it. Lol Hmm what else. It hasn't rained one day. Then Sunday we were going to go to the beach in recife but of course it rains that day out of the 18 days I had been here. Just my luck. It cleared up so me and some of the girls went to the pool then ice cream shop to watch futbol game so it was nice to do something. We are going to try to go to the beach this weekend since we have sat and sun off. Oh Saturday night some of the girls asked if i wanted to go out so I of. Ourselves said sure. I dread the weekends because they are boring for me. We never have anything to do. So going out and the beach or pool I wasn't so excited! We went to a bar in the plaza or town square and then they Took me to the town festival. That was. Er interesting. Smal and dirty and packed. There was a small ferris wheel I would not even think about ever going on. Music was popular and everyone was dancing. I attempted to dance and did alright. Hha. This week we have a lot of training. Two a days all week. Mon, wed, and fri we lift in the morning and train in the afternoon. Then tues and we'd we have training in the am and pm. I love it though. The girls are so good and enjoy playing with them. It takes forever though. Everyone is laid back. If the coach says go do this or do that people walk. If we walked in the us... The coach would make us run and yell at us. The pitch isn't the best either but it's not horrible. It takes 3 days for them to cut the grAss and they have manual old fashioned sprinklers for the fields. Sorry these are all jumbled up. It's been a while since I have written on here so. Am trying t think of everything that has happened since I ave arrived so I just write what comes to mind. The food here is pretty good. I'm so sick of beans and rice though. I made a bet with myself this week that's wont have any. It's Tuesday night and I'm doing good. They have it with every meal. Aliya. I miss salads. It is too hot here so they don't sell lettuce and if they do it's more expensive. They vegetables and fruits aren't the same either. I've tried a few different things to. I think I had a little of the water or it was food called a pastel that I ad that made me sick for 24 hours. I hated it. I had a roommate for a week. She was different and didn't talk to anyone. Even the girls who spoke the same language so I felt really awkward. But she left today so I'm happy to have my own room again. Well I will write more later and will try to get better in writing more often. I have to go to the inversion wi the girls when they have class to get on this weisite cause the Internet at the house is no god. Til then.. Take care. Chat with y'all later!

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